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Applied Geology and Geochemistry

John Morse

John Morse

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
Richland, WA 99352


Senior Technical Advisor with over 40 years of experience conducting environmental assessment and remediation projects. Extensive knowledge and expertise in environmental characterization and remediation as it relates to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Hanford Site. Since joining PNNL in 2016 he Advises PNNL program and project managers in areas of research involving disciplines such as geology, hydrology, geochemistry, microbiology, computational modeling, and environmental engineering as it relates to systems-based characterization, monitoring, and remediation. Particular emphasis is on deep vadose zone and groundwater remediation strategies and computer modeling and analysis. Provides guidance in developing and demonstrating systems-based approaches for environmental characterization, monitoring, and remediation. Consults on laboratory testing and analysis to develop and optimize innovative hydrogeological and biogeochemical approaches based on fundamental understanding of controlling processes for application in soils, surface water, and groundwater environments. Provides leadership to, collaboration with, and mentoring of multi-disciplinary teams of scientists and engineers including experimental design and execution, computer simulation, and scale-up from laboratory results to field applications.

Research Interests

  • Innovative Groundwater Remediation and Treatment Methods
  • Methods for treatment of recalcitrant constituents (i.e. I-129, CCl4, Nitrate)
  • Fate and Transport Modeling in unsaturated and saturated subsurface environments

Education and Credentials

  • M.S., Groundwater Hydrology, University of Arizona
  • B.S., Physics, Ohio State University

PNNL Publications


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  • Triplett M.B., T.E. Seiple, D.J. Watson, B.L. Charboneau, and J.G. Morse. 2014. "Web-Based Geographic Information System Tool for Accessing Hanford Site Environmental Data." In WM2014: Annual Waste Management Symposium, March 2-6, 2014, Phoenix, Arizona, Paper No. 14447. Tucson, Arizona:Waste Management Symposia, Inc. PNNL-SA-99557.


  • Tonkin M.J., M. Karanovic, M.E. Byrnes, J.G. Morse, C.J. Murray, and P. Clement. 2010. "Systematic Application of Flow-and-Transport Modeling for Wellfield Design: the Hanford 200-ZP-1 Groundwater Pump-and-Treat Remedy - 10320." In 36th Annual Radioactive Waste Management Symposium (WM 2010), March 7-11, 2010, Phoenix, AZ, 5, 4102-4115. Tucson, Arizona:WM Symposia, Inc. PNNL-SA-69644.
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